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At Freedom of Movement Pilates Studio we work tirelessly to bring our clients an enriching and satisfying fitness experience. You are an individual and your needs are treated as such. We take pride in providing our clients the Pilates method of body conditioning the way it was intended to be taught. It is with consistent application of the classical format and exercise orders that positively address faulty movement patterns and compensatory patterns that reverberate through the kinetic chain. We understand the details and embody the Pilates Principles that will allow you to become a better mover, your body will feel the difference! Increase your strength, flexibility, postural alignment and overall health & well being with Pilates. Enroll in private lessons or perhaps a mat or equipment class will suit your needs. Need help in making a decision, Jennifer and her team are eager to share their Experience, Knowledge & Passion for Pilates with you! ​

We offer a variety of ​Small Group Classes & Private lessons.




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